Reality, man what a conciept…..

Seven million? dollars for “Electricity from salt water”, for Beldune. This is by all accounts an unproven whatever it is with company response being “it is a secret”. link to cbc news.

I remember Larry making a potato-powered something or other when I was in school, so I guess the system is just as proven as any other.

I suggest that we get Joe, the Florenceville farmer on the phone and commit to potato power. He seems like a nice enough guy, has lots of potatoes and the money stays in Canada for a change.


However, my friend Peter says it is possible to get electricity through salt water. Basically, you fill two big metal containers with salt water, attach two wires (One to each) on one side and another two wires to the other side.

You then go on Kijijji and buy a generator from which you attach one wire on each container. Start her up and electricity through salt water!



Here you can see garbage to power, heating and much more. As we have a limitless supply of garbage available just next door, why not make money, save consumers money and clean up the environment at the same time.

for example;

  • 1,465 TWh of heating and 168 GWh of electricity were delivered to E-on and Nordpool, the Nordic electricity grid. All recovered energy was used; what was not sold was used in the Sysav Group’s own facilities.
  • The waste-to-energy plant produces approximately 1,500,000 MWh of district heating a year, which provides Malmö and Burlöv with 60 percent of their district heating need.

link to their site