In response to a random impulse we will be adding an advice column to NBOL.

Our columnist and purveyor of  profound platitudes shall be none other than

our own legend in his own mind Peter.

Having no credentials, no formal education and no real natural abilities in just about anything,

Peter is of the opinion  that if knowing nothing about what you are doing is good enough to tell

everyone what to do. it is good enough to tell individuals.

Our first letter comes from a new, to a Imaginary Land that, if it bears any resemblance

to any other place, is purely coincidental.

Dear Mr. Peter,

I am a new to here person and have been told that while I continue with my eight month search

for employment there may be a chance of a bandit leaping from behind a bush, putting a gun

to my head and informing me that if i do not give him all my money he will blow my brains out.

What should I do in the event that such an event should transpire?


Someplace Else, BA, BCE, PHD, MCom,


Dear Someplace,

Obviously you have been very busy trying to find employment as this question could be answered by anyone.

It is a well known fact, and has been so for many years that here you can live without brains but not without money.



Dear Peter;

I have noticed in print, social media, pubs, clubs, tv and public washrooms that more and more people are saying  Imaginary Land is becoming apathetic.

Fewer people vote, care, do anything about anything that could be fixed and so on.

My question is as follows. Exactly what is apathy, what caused this epidemic of not giving a hoot and why did the people and government make apathy so big a problem?


The last voter


Dear Last;

If I understand your question, you are asking what is apathy. My answer, as a citizen of Imaginary Land is…. who cares?