It has been said that a decision is what you reach when you get tired of thinking. Therein lays the rub.

So many times things distress,  to the point of overcrowding brains with no end in sight. Yesterdays mess up is replaced by today’s as we anticipate tomorrows. Like a soldier crouched in the trenches, our only hope is one of the bombardment ceasing while they reload.

Too many times we see a direction taken by Municipal, local, provincial federal and business that is not what we want, need or can justify in our own mind and heart.

Somehow the feeling of being nothing more than a pie that everyone wants a piece of nags at some of us.

Is is my pie and nobody ever asks.

I have never had cause to doubt my grandfathers’ words, “If they want to know about the ditch they should ask the guys with the shovels”.

NBOL is supposed to be a place for all the shovels to dig for some accountability in their employees.