Really Good Ideas


Each of us has during their time here at least one good idea. Unfortunately, these ideas are seldom implemented, mostly ignored, sometimes stolen and so on.

For example, while shopping (following my wife around in circles) at some store we eventually had to pay for all the things we never knew we could not do without.

That’s ok, though.. the cost, the taxes the waiting for the person digging through her steamer trunk of a purse looking for the exact change while regaling the long-suffering cashier with tales of woe about her grand niece. All this means less each time as I have decided the longer I do this thing the better it will feel when I stop. But then having to pay for a bag to put my other bags, boxes, and booty in just seems too much.

The solution is apparent to me. Make the bags the blue or clear or purple with pink polka dots environmental ones. Would save me the cost of buying bags I feel are too expensive, show corporate environmental responsibility plus save me the insult I feel when they charge me to carry their advertising around.

Contribute your good ideas to this sites “Suggestion Box” and let’s see if the powers are listening.


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